Mindy Project Own Role Model Vinyl Sticker



This vinyl sticker features one of the best quotes from the tv series, "The Mindy Project." Even if you're not a fan the show, this can perfectly show off how much you love being your own role model! Body positive, self love, go get it girl! Show them that Mindy Kaling attitude and self confidence!  Show the world you love yourself with Mindy Lahiri confidence!

〰️  Stickers are 3" wide x 1.5"
〰️  Comes in two colors: Pink and Yellow
〰️  Printed on Waterproof Glossy Vinyl
〰️  Extremely durable, tear-resistant and water-resistant
〰️  High tack water-based adhesive backing
〰️  Not suitable for clothing or other soft surfaces
〰️  Ships within 1-3 business days from Sacramento, California